Our approach

Who are we?
The Sommer Environment belongs to the category of "pioneers experts" who, in the early 2000s, helped to develop and install the HQE in France.

Its dual environmental approach of the framework and the built environment, e Sommer Environnement operates in France and abroad as:

> AMO and / or MOE for projects of facilities,
> AMO and / or MOE for construction projects,
> AMO and / or MOE energy exploitation,
>  Audit HQE and BREEAM, LEED, DGNB accompaniment

18 years and over 200 projects, Le Sommer Environment has built effective methods to describe how to sustainably produce contemporary whatever the scale relevant areas: the building, the city territory.

With extensive experience of complex processes and an ability to conduct a structured dialogue with the various stakeholders of the project, Le Sommer Environment has built its expertise around five complementary approaches:

> The environmental management and assistance in obtaining certification (HQE, LEED, BREEAM, DGNB)
> Environmental Engineering
> Ecodesign and circular economy
> The integrated territorial approach
> Innovation and cross-fertilization

With such premise, the ambition to contribute to the development of architectural and urban situations triple dividends (environmental, social, economic), our approach is to enrich the specification performentiels load operations by addressing the connections between spatial forms and issues from the sustainable development of nature, society and space.

Our approach
Our approach involved in supporting and environmental assessment of construction projects and urban programs. A qualitative concerned, it implies the principles of operational expertise, technical performance objectives coordinated an evaluation framework expressed as targets, the establishment of a management system, and tools simulation.
While based on proven approaches to certification and capitalization of good practices, methodology is defined primarily as a medium for dialogue, sharing experiences and knowledge about positive choices and performance management.
It is to explore and operationalize innovative and transformative potential of environmental quality for to serve the overall quality of the project.

Our mission
Our role is within project teams to evaluate and optimize the choice of construction and development in terms of environmental impact, the rational use of resources, sustainability territories and urban well-being.

To support this commitment, we are mobilizing diverse competencies focused on the following areas of expertise:

Sustainable construction technologies / Environmental Analysis constructive aspects of the building / Energy Efficiency / Comfort and occupant health / natural lighting / Project integrated climate / reuse and transformation of existing buildings / Management and maintenance of buildings / Cycle materials and revaluation resources / integrated Urban Development / System decision Support / Standby prospective

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