As the material expression of the social world, architecture and its extension, urbanism, cannot remain outside the cultural reconfigurations caused by the depletion of resources, global warming and the blurred awareness of planetary finitude. On the contrary, architecture and urban planning accompany or even precede them by reinventing new balances between nature and technology, biosphere and technosphere, through new notions such as circular sustainability.
For Le Sommer Environnement, the notion of circular sustainability is cardinal to its commitment to constructive and urban innovation, to its participation in collective research projects associating academic and industrial partners, all at once bearers of new environments, new landscapes, new arrangements between the natural system and the
technical systems.
As an integrator, Le Sommer Environnement is committed to prefiguring the construction and urban planning of tomorrow at the interface between project managers and developers of technical solutions.

Among the themes explored, we can cite

1/ Urban metabolism and the ecocycle of water
2/ Passive cooling of urban spaces,
3/ Circular bio and geo-sourced construction
4/ The city-countryside system as a lever for urban structuring.