Metabolising the invisible

Bordeaux Métropole

On Friday 8 December 2023, Bordeaux Métropole awarded a contract to the consortium formed by the Maison de la matière organique oubliée (MAMMO), Solagro and Le Sommer Environnement to assess the potential for recovering nutrients from human excreta. The objectives of this project are threefold:
> To lead a cross-disciplinary discussion with the sectoral deputies and the relevant departments of the Metropole on the selective collection of urban effluents and their recovery,
> To study the potential for waste disposal in the 28 communes of the metropolitan area,
> Evaluate the potential use of new products from source separation by local agriculture.

By facilitating this study through an innovation market and by daring to give waste its full visibility, Bordeaux Métropole intends to make the theme of the transformation of urban effluents a lever for informing another vision of the food metabolism, one that will bring new territorial solidarity between town and country, and a sustainable future for the relocation of food systems and the transformation of our waste into a resource.
To find out more,
> Study of agricultural recycling processes for urinofertlisants, projet OCAPI - LEESU
> Afterres2050 scenario, the power of our plate, Solagro
> La Maison de la matière organique, MAMMO / Fumainerie

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