Between shrubby metropolises and urban campaigns

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The interest growing for the place of the nature in town, the manufacturing of the landscapes and the farming of closeness contributes to modify strongly the look on these indefinite margins which we called formerly outer-urban, suburbs or rurabinité. A workgroup piloted by the FNAU (national Federation of the agencies of town planning) speaks from now on about " urban countryside ", so underlining by this oxymoron, the current necessity of revising these fringes and of arresting(dreading) them in a dynamic and renewed way, of making a lever of innovation to make new territorial policies.
From current experiences, the workgroup underlines the necessity of:
> Approach the urban countrysides by the lifestyles to exceed the sterile speeches of the mitage and the spatial disjonction,

> invent a common narrative, as that of " the city archipelago " for the Pays de Rennes, the "shrubby metropolis " of the urban area of Amiens, " the attitude ligérienne " for Pays de Loire,

> to promote new approaches coupling development territorial integrated, collective empowerment of the actors and approaches by the quality,

> take place in a logic of experiment, capitalization and passage into the scale.

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